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Laser lens on laser die cutting machine
By Owen  2018-09-17
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Laser lens are important components in laser light transmission systems. In the Co2 laser light path on laser die cutter, the mirror can be applied in two aspects. In the laser tube of laser die cutting machine, the mirror can be used as a tail mirror. The lens substrate has a certain curvature and acts as a oscillating laser. In the laser design, the laser mirror on laser die cutter can play the role of changing the light in the laser tube and reduce the length of the laser tube. The mirror and the focusing mirror of laser die cutting machine cooperate to form a complete optical path, which makes the design of the laser die cutter more space-saving and Reduce laser loss and maximize laser operating power.


Laser die cutting machine mirrors typically use molybdenum and silicon as the substrate.


Molybdenum mirror

The molybdenum mirror on laser die cutter can work in harsh environments, has a long service life, high power consumption, no coating on the surface, and is resistant to wiping. The disadvantage is that the reflectivity is low.


Silicon mirror

Silicon mirrors are currently the most used mirrors with good optical thermal properties. The surface of the silicon mirror is gold-plated to improve the reflectivity. The silicon mirror produced by Xuhong adds a layer of protective enamel on the gold enamel, making the original lens on laser die cutting machine more resistant to wiping.

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