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Introduction of the operating of the steel bending machine
By Esperanza  2018-09-27
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The emergence of  automatic steel bending machine has made significant contributions to the printing, packaging, food, cartons, stickers and other industries. Among them, the fully automatic  steel bending  machine developed in the last two years has saved a lot of trouble, as long as Set the parameters, computer control, more convenient and simple. Although this is the case, I think that a large number of friends still don't know much about the operation process of the steel bending machine. Let me introduce it briefly:

1. Use AutoCAD or directly use the steel  bending machine system WD-CAM to draw the die cutting board cutting diagram.


2. Transfer the cut line drawing file to the steel  bending machine control program WD-CAM. Since this system is specially designed for the steel bending machine, all the functions and operations are available on the operation interface, and various parameters are set. , are convenient and fast;


3. Select the starting and ending points of the part to be bent for the steel bending machine, select the number of bending tools for this position, set the compensation distance of the starting and ending positions, and confirm the cutting method using the eagle or the flat cutting for the steel bending machine.

4. After the above steps are completed, you can start the machete work for the steel bending machine. Once the machete is finished, it can be loaded.

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