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How to maintain laser lenses on laser die making machine
By Owen  2019-09-12
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When laser die cutting machine is working, the laser lens will inevitably come into contact with dust and smoke, which will cause damage to the lens. When the contaminant sticks to the surface of the lens, the laser die making machine user should clean it in time.


Note: Improper wiping cleaning can seriously damage the laser lens of laser die cutting machine!


Anhydrous alcohol (purity above 95%) should be used for wiping and cleaning.


Laser lens wiping notes:

1. Carefully wipe the absorbent cotton with alcohol along the center of the lens (laser die making machine) to the edge and wipe it in a circular motion.

2. Once the cotton swab is dirty, it must be replaced immediately.

3. Cleaning should be completed at one time.

4. Do not use excessive force during the wiping process to avoid damage to the lens on laser die cutting machine.
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