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How to improve the quality of laser die
By Owen  2018-08-13
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In these years, the competition between laser die by laser die cutter is becoming more and more fierce. Because the quality of laser die by laser die cutting machine is the basic situation that directly affects the output and cost of the product. The current economic situation is getting higher and higher quality requirements for laser die by laser die cutter. How can we improve the quality?


The quality of laser die by laser die cutting machine includes product quality, service life, mold maintenance, maintenance cost, maintenance cycle and so on.


First, the selection of the material is very important. When selecting the material, the laser die by laser die cutter should meet the customer's requirements for product quality. In addition, we need to consider the cost and use cycle of the laser die material.


Second, in the quality of laser die by laser die cutting machine, the service life of it is also affected by the processing method and the processing accuracy. The accuracy of each component will have a certain impact on the overall assembly of the laser die.


Thirdly, try to select some structural designs that are more compact and easy to operate, and also meet the requirements of mold strength and stiffness:If laser die by laser die cutter structure allows, the corners of the surfaces of the parts are designed to be over-rounded to reduce the influence of stress concentration.


Fourth, when designing the laser die by laser die cutter, it should be narrowed down to the extent that it is necessary to disassemble a damaged part, especially for parts that are more prone to damage or wear, and to minimize the scope of disassembly.

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