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How to clean the lens of laser die cutting machine
By Owen  2018-04-20
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Good cutting effects is largely related with pretty maintenance on the laser die cutting machine, in addition to the quality of laser die cutting machine itself. When handling with sheet metals, the laser lens will be dirt by metal residues, which can effect the cutting precision. So oftenly clean the lens and mirrors is needed.


You’re recommended to inspect the optics before each use of the fiber laser die cutting machine. Don’t consider it a troublesome thing. Less than 2 minutes to finish the cleaning work!


Two steps to clean lens on laser die cutting machine

Although you inspect and clean the lens regularly, please do clean it whenever you see dust on it to eliminate the possibility of bad cutting effects and lens breaking for laser die cutting machine.


Step 1: Before cleaning

  • Get clean cotton swabs & one bottle of industrial ethanol prepared;

  • Using a blower or compressed air to blow off the dust and dirt on lens;

  • Clean your hand with soap and clean towel;

  • Move the working table of metal fiber laser die cutting machine upward to prevent the lens from falling down on the table and breaking during removal process.


Step 2: wiping and Cleaning

  • Remove the lens on laser die cutting machine carefully;

  • Clean the lens in one direction with cotton swab which is already dipped in ethanol;

  • Repeat above action for several times until there is no dust on the lens;

  • Reinstall the lens on the laser die cutting machine’s head for next use.


Please be noted that lens and mirrors need additional care to prevent its breaking. Do not wipe lens back and forth to prevent scratching it. Do not directly wipe the dust on lens with fingers or rough cloth, lest it will be scratched and must be replaced with new ones for the laser die cutter.


Then the lens is exactly cleaned to ensure high quality cutting effects. To clean the mirrors of fiber laser die cutter for metals, you can do the same steps easily.
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