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How laser die cutting machine works
By kerry  2019-02-13
laser die cutting machine,

Laser cutting machine is a technology that uses the laser to cut material,it’s used to optimize process and widely rang of electronic, metalworking, woodworking,packaging&printing and so on. Laser die cutting machine is used a laser to make a steel rule die. Steel rule die is fundamentally a combination of plywood, steel rule blade and rubber into a specific shape.

How laser die cutting machine works

The work-flow of laser die cutting machine is as follows: firstly, the steel rule die needs to be made is designed in AUTOCAD or some other software developed for the laser die cutting machine. As it makes its way across the plywood, the laser vaporizes plywood in the beam path, leaving an edge with high-quality surface finish. And also laser die cutting machine this method of material modification allows you to quickly change designs while also improving the quality of finished parts.


After the completion of the installation of die - cutting tool line into die products. Flat die are 15mm 16mm 18mm 20mm high usually. The Plate must be considered in both thickness and flatness tolerance, otherwise there would be big problem with die-cutting.

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