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Five laser die cutter safety tips for new users
By Owen  2018-04-24
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The recent surge in the use and popularity of laser die cutting machine has meant that many people who have never used laser die cutting machine have now discovered their advantages such as ease of use, accuracy and speed. This also means that many new users do not know about some of the unique safety issues that arise with laser die cutting machine.


1. Don't leave the laser unattended

The most common mistake made by new operators is the lack of supervision of the laser die cutter, and the project is cut. Although this is true, laser die cutting machines are usually fast and large projects can take hours to complete. The new operator's tendency is to leave the laser die cutter sometimes while the job is running. This should be an obvious fire safety risk. The easiest way to ensure that a fire or meltdown never occurs is to always participate in the work when the laser die cutter is turned on. If the operator needs to suspend the monitoring work, other operators must be substituted for their location.


2. Do not cut the materials with unknown attribute

Most people associate laser die cutting machines with cut wood. Many people discovered when they purchased a laser die cutting machine that they could cut or mark a variety of materials, including: PVC, MDF, plastic, acrylic, and so on. Cutting each material with a laser die cutter will release most of the smoke that is blown away by the exhaust fan of the machine. The smoke will blow the smoke into the smoke evacuator or be discharged through an external ventilation system. Although this system is adequate for most benign smokes, they do not remove deadly smoke from PVC plastics such as those from the operator. If you are not sure about the material, do not use laser cutting.


3. Always maintain a clean workshop

Safety and cleaning go hand in hand to minimize the risk of injury. Most people do not know that small particles of cutting material  in the air can ignite and cause explosions. Although laser die cutter do not release dust particles (the material will be completely decomposed), leaving the remaining scrap in the pick-up bin can also be a fire hazard. Keep a clean and tidy workshop to reduce the risk of accidents or other serious safety issues. It also creates "best practices" for the operator and takes time to clean up the workstation after each use.


4. Keep Informed

In all cases, it is the operator's responsibility to know how to safely use the laser die cutter before turning it on. The user manual should be read before using any machine, paying particular attention to understanding all safety issues and concerns. The seminar should be clearly posted safety signs to remind people to always pay attention to safety issues.


5. Be vigilant

People accident when they are complacent in their daily affairs. It is very important to always consider safety issues when working near laser die cutter. Pay attention to your environment and daily work habits. Before starting work, adopt best practices every day by focusing on security.

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