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Do you know the characteristics of the laser die cutter automatic steel rule bender?
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-28
automatic steel rule bener, blade bending machine,

Blade bending machine is widely used in blade bending, package box and so on.


  • Laser die cutter automatic steel rule bender has unique professional design, which makes it have a powerful bending editing function. It’s not only greatly reduce the workload for operators, but also can ensure the accuracy.

  • Laser die cutter automatic steel rule bender is use CAD to control and work.laser die cutter automatic steel rule bender has advantages: high speed,high precision,high working efficient and easy to use.



With the increasing market share, the demand for product in electronics, printing&packaging industries has been  increasing in the market,  which has promoted the rapid development of these industries.  Die board industry develops with technological processing and gets breakthrough, which bring more economic benefits for people or in the industrial production. Blade bending machine, manual steel rule bender machine and automatic steel rule die bender are very popular used in printing and packaging industry, laser die board making factory.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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