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Detailed operation method of automatic rule bender
By Eric  2018-05-09
Automatic rule bender |automatic steel rule die bender|blade bending machin,

The emergence of automatic rule bender has brought greater convenience to the printing industry. Blade bending machines include manual rule bender and automatic steel rule die bender. Each of these automatic steel rule die benders has its own characteristics. The automatic steel rule die benders have different uses in different fields. They are widely used because they have many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, and quick installation. Therefore, the fully automatic steel rule die bender can be used vigorously.


A wide range of automatic steel rule die bender, complete specifications, widely used in printing, packaging, plastic, cartons, box, electronics and other industries. The automatic steel rule die bender machine's multi-function die board software is an artificial intelligence bending system with powerful CNC machining functions and CAD drawing functions. It not only supports CAD's DWG, but also can be widely used in the United States, Japan, Europe and other regions. Full Chinese interface, easy to understand, easy to operate. At the same time using a number of advanced technologies:

1. Automatic rule bender "first bend, after the shear" technology to ensure accurate, no loss.

2. Automatic rule bender’s double cutter plate design, rapid and simple tool change.

3. Automatic rule bender precision screw feeding system to ensure that there is no deviation in feeding.

4. Automatic rule bender advanced control methods to increase the speed of 50%.

5. Automatic rule bender can use the clockwise and counterclockwise roll knife.


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How to operate the blade bending machine? Here's a brief introduction by me:


    1. Use AutoCAD or directly with the automatic steel rule die bender system WD-CAM to draw a cutting board cutting line diagram.

    2. Transfer the die board file to the WD-CAM control program. As the system of the steel rule die bender is tailor-made for the machine, all functions are fully operational on the interface. , set various parameters, etc., are convenient and quick;

    3. Select the starting and ending point of the machete part. Select the number of machete to select this position, set the compensation distance for the start and end positions of the automatic computer machete machine, and confirm whether the olecranon or the flat cutting knife is used. The way;

    4. The above steps are completing, you can begin to perform the machete work of automatic computer machete machine. After the machete work is completed, the plate can be installed.


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