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Choose a die cutter for laser die board cutting machine
By Eric  2018-05-15
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The choice of the die cutter for the laser die board cutting machine should be made with the thickness of the die cut material and the choice of the peak cutter and the dwarf cutter. In the selection of die cutters for laser die board cutting machines, the peak cutters have a wide range of applications in laser die board cutting machine. They can either cut thin paper or thick paper, can be used in single sheet automatic die cutting machines, or they can be used for simultaneous die cutting. The dwarf blade has a higher rigidity than the peak blade, so the pressure is more stable and the durability is more lasting, which is more suitable for the requirements of single product, single sheet paper cutting, high speed, and large quantity.


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 In addition, when selecting a high-quality die cutter for a laser die board cutting machine, it is also necessary to pay attention to the horizontal stripes or ruled edges of the blade. The die board paper with horizontal stripe treatment is more effective and more durable, which makes the laser die cutting machine more stable and accuracy, and it is not easy to crack after being bent. Straight ruled knife material looks very sharp on the surface, it is easy to be blunt when it is not long, and it is easy to crack after being bent. In the choice of die cutter of laser die cutting machine, besides die-cutting film products, we must choose straight grain processing. The die board material is smoother, and the paper product is best to use the knife material of horizontal stripes.


Choosing the most suitable model, specification and characteristics of laser die cutting machine is the key to ensure the quality of die cutting

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