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3 Reasons why you should adopt laser die cutting machine
By Kerry  2018-08-31
laser die cutting machine,
In these years, laser-based process have found application in nearly every area. Pratcially every machining operation, that tranditionlly machine tools all find a laser. Steel rule die was made by manual, and now mostly cutting by an laser die cutting machine.


But what are the advantages of adopting a laser die cutting machine and how can it imporve the productivity of your business lines?


Vibration reduction

Laser die cutting machine is a non-contact process. The jigsaw machine, you need to contral the cutting table and plywood,and keep the plywood follow the darw line.

But the laser die cutting machine is CNC system and the laser head will deliver the laser beam where required.


CNC system

Cnc will help you a complete control of your design and parameters, such as the kerf, the precision and direction of cut. And because of the narrow cutting kerf allowed by the laser die cutting machine, that you can cutting complex and beauty design.


No limit for cutting marterial

Jigsaw machine is using the saw blade to cut the plywood. Laser die cutting machine can cutting many different marterila, such as pvc, aluminum plate, steel board.


And using laser die cutting machine is using laser beam to cutting the plywood, laser beam is as sharp as a scalpel. Laser diec cutting machine do not worry about the saw blade that will have accident distrotions or cracks.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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