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Install machine in one Guangzhou customer
By admin Time:2020-10-12 Read: 60

Recently, we went to a Guangzhou customer factory to install a machine.

The customer has been specialized in die making for many years. In order to expand production capacity and increase new business, the customer opened a new die making factory this year as planned. Out of full trust in our machines, the customer still choose our auto saw cutting machine in the new plant under the serious situation of the epidemic this year.


(Machine loading)

(Machine unloading in customer factory)

(Transport to the factory)

(Machine installation and debugging finished)

On the same day, the machine was smoothly installed.

Yisong auto saw cutting machine consists of simple structure, it's easy & convenient for operation. After two or three days of training, customers can operate the machine independently.

Yisong die sawing machine has too many advantages, which can greatly promote business for die making factory, avoid homogeneous competition with laser die making factory.

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Green World Environmentally friendly die

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