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What are the advantages of the steel bending machine?
By Esperanza  2018-10-11
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Today, the electronics and printing and packaging industries are developing rapidly. As a supporting industry, the die-cutting board (die-die) processing industry has been greatly developed. The computer automatic steel bending machine is one of the two core equipments in the production of die, which plays an important role in the efficiency and precision of die cutting. So, what are the advantages of the computer steel bending machine? Let's take a closer look.

First, suitable for a wide range of processing
The steel bending machine can cut most non-metallic materials and can be used in the processing of plexiglass backlights, high-size requirements and edge effects of DVD, audio, air conditioning and other equipment panels,which by the steel bending machine as well as dusty, harsh working conditions . It is also suitable for aviation model products factories and processing wood crafts which by the steel bending machine .


Second, good dustproof structure, closed moving parts

When working, the moving part is not affected by dust, which greatly protects the guide rail from the wear of impurities and dust, and ensures the accuracy of the movement for a long time which by the steel bending machine. At the same time, the maintenance amount is low, no need to remove dust every day, and the guide rail is oiled for the steel bending machine;

Third, long service life

Years of work can still maintain the accuracy of the new machine state, the error will not increase for the steel bending machine..

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