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Recently, we installed a machine for one customer in the new year 2021. On the same day, the machine was smoothly installed. Yisong auto saw cutting machine consists of simple structure, it&……
Last Saturday, we installed a new machine for one Guangzhou customer.The customer specialized in die making for years. He worked with his laser for years but met many problems by laser cutting. After a good understanding……
Recently, we went to a Guangzhou customer factory to install a machine. The customer has been specialized in die making for many years. In order to expand production capacity and increase new business, the customer op……
Our company installed a machine purchased by Dongguan customer on 21th, August.This customer has been specialized in the production of plastic dies for many years, he highly recognizes Yisong auto die sawing machine, and……
¿Cuáles son los lugares donde la máquina de corte láser para suajes necesita un mantenimiento frecuente durant……
Ha organizado una feria"Print China2019"aqui en la ciudad Dongguan,China desde el dia 9 a 13 de Abril . El proposito de la feria es dar los oportunidades a los provedores y fabricas de la industria relacionada con impres……
El mundo verde.
Suajes Ecológico

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