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Lexan dies
Lexan dies
Lexan is the only clear base material approved for all medical die cutting applications.
Lexan die has good flexural and tensile properties than acrylic, and it's much more resistant to cracking, it's an ideal solution to die cut medical devices.
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Laser cutting for Lexan isn't a good solution, as it requires a very high power and slow cutting speed, toxic fumes generated when cutting and the finished edge is yellowed.

Advantages of auto saw cutting technology for Lexan dies
1. Tight cutting tolerance for die design & slot width
2. Eco-friendly processing way, no toxic fumes generated when cutting Lexan material
3. Pretty good cutting appearance, no black edge and the finished edge won't be yellowed
4. Precise cutting of slot width, ensure strong holding for cutting rule
5. Our machine has milling function, it's no problem to mill small holes on Lexan dies
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