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What you need to know about the steel rule dies’ lifespan
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-18
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The steel rule blade just like your kitchen knife, die cutting knives will get stupid thru extended. Some have asking how many die cut impressions can be performed before the die cut knives need to replaced. The answer depends on the material to be cut. A piece of paper can be cut millions of times, while plastic can only cut hundreds of thousands of times.

Actually, there is another important factor, which depends on die board cutting machine.For example:

  • Cutting the wooden board:

Laser die board cutting machine uses laser to cut the board,it’s hot processing way, there are many factors will affect the die board quality, and then die board made by laser die cutter has the bell mouth, the slot is not vertically and will leave carbonized layer on the kerf wall, after using ,it’s will broken. It’s will affect the laser die board using life.


Environmentally friendly die board sawing machine is using saw blade to cut the board automatically, it’s different from the laser die board cutting machine, environmentally friendly board will leave the wooden fiber on the each side, it’s good for the clamping force and also good for the die boards’ lifespan.

  • Cutting the plastic board:

Yisong environmentally friendly die board sawing machine handle electronic plastic die board, the die board using life is more than laser die board.


Laser die board cutting machine uses laser to cut the plastic board, which produced corrosion gas by plastic board, and also make steel rule blade easy to get rusted. And also, it's bad for laser die cutter.

Environmentally friendly die board can be used a couple of times after which stored in a die library ready for re-use.

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