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What is Environmentally-friendly Die Board?
By Rachel Shieh Time:2018-03-03 Read: 1530


Environmentally-friendly die board is a new expression created by Yisong which emphasizes the die board processing way does no harm to the environment and human's health. The machine which handle environmentally friendly die board is called "environmentally friendly die board sawing machine".Compared with laser cutting machine, our die board sawing machine won't cause toxic air, smoke and it is much more cost-saving and high processing precision.

You might ask, "what is the difference between environmentally friendly die board and laser-cut die board?".


LASER-CUT DIE BOARD                                 ECO-FRIENDLY DIE BOARD

Here are some difference as below.

1. Avoid the quality defects caused by laser cutting.

Cutting precision, width and verticality of the kerf and clamping force are all much better than laser die board since we adapted saw tension force monitoring system to ensure the kerf straight and vertical. This is one of patented technologies which completely solve laser die board quality problem.

2.Improve the tightness and clamping force of the kerf

It is different from laser cutting die cutter which will leave carbonized layer surface on the kerf wall. Environmentally friendly die board only has wood fiber on the side of the kerf wall, these fiber will add the friction to keep the steel blade tightly, even after many times processing, the clamping force of the kerf to blade won’t change.

3.Control and adjust the kerf width precisely.

Laser cutting accuracy depends on if the operator is experienced or not. Environmentally friendly die board saw cutting machine applies saw to cut the die board. We precisely control the kerf’s width by controlling the saw’s width and processing speed. Human factor is avoided.

4.Ensure steady processing accuracy and precision.

For laser cutting, the output power’s current is directly related to laser generator, laser tube and laser mirror. But these parts easily ages, which affects the laser output power’s stability, and make a bad impact on the kerf cutting performance, might result in unstable die board quality. Yisong die board sawing machine applies saw blade to cut the kerf. The saw is too thin to affect the kerf width while processing. It can ensure stable processing accuracy and precision.

5.Solve the problem of bell-mouth and improve the verticality

Laser cutting die cutter will make a bell mouth on the board which will not only affect the precision of die cutting, but also affect the working life of the die mold. Yisong die board sawing machine uses fixed width saw cutting, therefore bell mouth will not caused, the verticality of the steel rule blade will not only ensure the precision of die cutting, but also ensure the working life of the die board.

6.Reduce distortion of die board

Compared with laser cutting, saw cutting won’t make the die board be out of shape because saw cutting is cold processing technique. It is a serious quality defect for high precision die board. The general solution at present is using high-end die board, like Finland board, but it will increase the manufacturing cost, and the cost will be passed to the customers. Using ordinary wood will increase the deformation and causes a bad impact on steel die blade’s installation.

Environmentally friendly die board sawing machine uses saw to cut, which won’t make the die board out of shape and keep high accuracy. It doesn’t need high quality die wood, which will greatly reducing material cost. Therefore it can enhance competitive edges and increase the profit. Meanwhile it is easy to install and replace the blade, which is good for production and no biding time.

7.Solve the problem of laser trailing.

Environmentally-friendly die board sawing machine adapts saw blade to cut the board. There is each saw on the top and in the bottom, they work simultaneously, so it will not cause trailing problem.

8.No black edges on die board

Laser cutting machine will burn the board, the kerf and edge will turn black, it is not only affect the appearance, but also make your hands dirty, However Environmentally friendly die board uses sawing process, it will keep wood’s nature, make the die board clean and tidy, and it will be more acceptable to the customer.

Environmentally friendly die board sawing machine aims to promote healthy and sustainable development for die board industry.

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