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How to make a steel rule dies
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-18
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what is steel rule dies and how does it made.

laser die cutter production process can be divided into the following steps:


CAD design--cutting the board--rule bender--installtion--nicks--rubber strips--run a test-production


1. CAD design: In the past, jigsaw machine is draw first and then depends operator experience. Nowadays, most of diemaker is using the CAD files or design a new one on the computer. Then laser die board cutting machine working.

2. After set parameter on the computer, laser die cutter start working processing.

Laser die cutting machine using laser to burn the drawing into the wood; our machine uses saw blade to sawing the board.

3. Rule bender: make by the rule processors or by manual work.

Rule processor is automatic processing, the computer driven using the same CAD file as those used by environmentally friendly die board sawing machine or laser die board cutting machine.

Manual work is by diemakers’ experience.

4. Install the blade to the die board.
This part is play a key role in a accuracy and production time.

Then it will have many different rule options, for different corrugated thickness, flute size and type of action the rule needs to perform. In this part, it’s different from laser die cutter,which is hot processing way; environmentally friendly die board sawing machine use saw blade which is cold processing way, it’s no need die board cooling time, you can Install blade at once.

5. Nicks are the result of several small gaps we make in the steel rule blade.

6. Rubber strips are affixed to the die to help improve the cutting performance. The various types of foam pieces help the die to bounce off the corrugated.This part is very taxing and labor cost.

7. Run a test, to testing the press, and then make improvement.

8.Start the production

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