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By kerry  2019-07-17
laser die cutter,
A laser die cutter works particularly like your ordinary inkjet printer. Laser die cutters appear with special drivers that enable them to what is on the PC, convert it into a configuration that the laser die cutter can ……
By Owen  2019-01-03
laser die cutter, laser die cutting machine,
The cutting edge has more or less traces left by laser die cutter, and the depth of the texture determines the roughness of the cutting surface. The lighter the grain, the lower the roughness and the smoother the surface……
By Esperanza  2018-12-26
environmentally friendly die sawing machine, die sawing machine,
Eliminate the quality drawbacks of laser processing tool templates Regardless of the accuracy of the cutting position of the cutting edge, the width of the cutting edge, the verticality of the blade edge, and the degree……
By Esperanza  2018-10-26
laser die cutting machine, laser die,
The laser power supply and laser tube are the core components of the laser die cutting machine. Just like the engine and gearbox of a car, we understand and familiar with some basic faults and maintenance methods of the ……
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-11
laser die board, laser die board cutting machine, laser die cutter,
Laser die board cutting machine thickness mainly determined by the power. As the different material density, the cutting thickness will be different.
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-04
Yisong, environmentally friendly die board, die board sawing machine, Laser die cutter,
Yisong environmentally friendly die board sawing machine,as a kind of modern manufacturing mode, accords with the demand of sustainable development.
Green World Environmentally friendly die

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