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You need gas to help laser cutting on laser die cutting machine
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-23
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Laser gas system gives assistant in laser die cutting machine and help burn the materials from the laser die cutting kerf. For kerf cutting accuracy, there are lots of factors that may affect it. Laser gas system in laser die cutting machine is one of the keys.


You might say gas system on laser die cutting machine is more than a assistant thing because actually it works with laser beam and it is very critical.


Assist gas sounds straightforward enough: It aids cutting via an exothermic reaction (with oxygen) and evacuates molten material. People see it from the definition of the words, so lots of new laser die cutting machine operators don’t know the necessities to adjust the gas even they get a not good die kerf cut. Perhaps they only realize to slow the feed rate on the laser die cutting machine, which solves the problem, but it increase laser die cutting machine’s cycle time. Operators can actually solve the problems by changing the gas pressure or flow rate on the controller. Or perhaps you should adjust the focal point. Or maybe the beam may not be centered in the nozzle. Or it could be a combination of everything.


Laser gas system is one of the most important factors of laser die cutting machine which ensures the high kerf cutting accuracy.


When laser die cutting machine cuts a bad die kerf cut, and when it comes to laser gas, you should find the problems’ root from initial delivery to the production plant, storage, getting through plumbing and then get to the cutting head, and through the nozzle etc.


Gas options


Laser gas supplied to laser die cutting machine can be oxygen, nitrogen or air. Because of laser die cutting machine’s hot processing way, oxygen cutting allows the laser die cutting machine to cut thick materials with relatively lower laser power and low gas flow. But black edges will be left on the surface and it needs to be got rid of.


Nitrogen cutting on laser die cutting machine won’t produces any oxide edge,but it needs high pressure and flow, high accuracy cut with nitrogen needs lots of special gas to assist it.

Oxygen can be used to cut stainless and aluminum die on laser die cutting machine.


Normally people cut stainless die with high power laser die cutting machine because it can make clean cuts with nitrogen. And the die can be finer.

Oxygen can also produce a higher speed when cutting aluminum.

Cutting with air has become more popular through the years, though upfront expenses for specialty equipment, to ensure that air is delivered as clean as possible and with sufficient pressure, can be high. But air usually is not clean, it has some other mixture in the air. So you need to purify and filter the air first.

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