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Yisong Auto CNC Die Sawing Machine
By Kerry  2018-12-07
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Auto die sawing machine is different from laser die cutting machine has complex configuration: CNC machine, laser generator,special power supply system,laser control system,gas supply system,cooling system,air compressor. Auto die sawing machine is very simple,which only consist of CNC sawing machine and an air compressor.


Laser die cutting machine consists of complex parts, huge project&long period for installation.

Auto die sawing machine with short term for installation.


laser die cutting machine needs complicated configuration and costs lots of for maintenance.

Auto die sawing machine only needs maintenance the guide rail line.


For Laser die cutting machine,different component system needs to be installed separately. But for auto die sawing machine not have this problem.


Laser die cutting machine need big and extra spared space is needed for safety consideration.Open fires may be caused when using high-pressure gas,plant ventilation needs to be considered.

Auto die sawing machine is cold processing way. It’s using the saw blade to cut the wooden.

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