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Why laser die board cutting machine can completely replace the manual die board cutting machine?
By Eric  2018-05-14
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After ten years’ development in the die board industry, benefit from the rapid advancement of domestic laser die cutters, the die cutter industry has replaced the earlier manual die cutter with a laser die cutter, and more and more customers abroad are choosing laser die cutters Made In China to product die board.



    Some aspects that laser die cutter can completely replace the manual die cutter?

    1. High accuracy: the precision of laser die cutting machine can reach 0.02mm, generally less than 0.5mm.

    2. Effect consistent: to ensure that laser die cutting machine processing effect is exactly consistent.

    3. Safe and reliable: laser die cutting machine using non-contact laser processing.

    4. Saving and environmentally friendly: the beam and spot diameter of laser die cutting machine is small, safe and sanitary.

    5. Low cost: not subject to the limitations of the number of processing, laser die cutting machine processing is very cheap.

    6. High-speed and fast: laser die cutting machine can be based on the computer output pattern for high-speed laser engraving and cutting.

    7. A wide range: CO2 laser can cutting or engraving of non-metallic material. And the low price does not cause mechanical stress or mechanical stress on the data. There is no “cutting mark” after the laser die cutting machine is used to process the die board. No harm on the surface and reduce the distortion of the die board.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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