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Why can laser die cutting machine completely replace manual cutters?
By Esperanza  2018-10-31
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1, accurate and meticulous: processing accuracy can reach 0.02mm, generally less than 0.5mm for the laser die cutting machine

2, the effect is consistent: to ensure that the same batch of laser equipment processing effect is exactly the same for the laser die cutting macchine.

3, safe and reliable: the use of non-contact laser processing for the laser deie cutting machine.

4, saving environmental protection: beam and spot diameter is small, safe and hygienic for the laser die cutting machine.

5, low interest: not limited by the number of processing, laser processing is cheaper for the laser die cutting machine.

6, high-speed and fast: For small batch laser equipment processing services, you can immediately perform high-speed laser engraving and cutting according to the computer output pattern for the laser die cutting machine.

7. Wide range: Carbon dioxide laser can laser cut or engrave any non-metallic material. And the price is low, it will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the data for the laser  die cutting machine.No “knife marks” will not damage the appearance of the workpiece; it will not deform the material for the laser die cutting machine.
Green World Environmentally friendly die

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