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What to do with your laser die cutting machine in summer days?
By Rachel Shieh  2018-06-16
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In summer, the weather is hot and there are too many things we need to pay attention to when using a laser die cutting machine so that the machine can work in a good condition. Here are 2 things that we want to remind you.

1. The water temperature. Since in summer, the inside room temperature is high, and laser die cutting machine’s temperature will increase fast as well once it starts working. If the water can’t get cool down in the cooling tube, the temperature will increase very fast and the gas in the tube will be not even, which lead to that the cutting power will be not stable and decrease the cutting speed. If there are lots of dust on the water box, you need to clean it.


2. Wire aging problem. When the weather is hot, the electricity wires are easy to get aging, which might make the current not stable on the laser die cutting machine. Laser die cutting machine will work abnormally. So you need to check the wire on the laser die cutting machine regularly.

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