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What problems must we pay attention to buy a second-hand automatic rule bender?
By Eric  2018-05-13
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In recent years, the development of automatic rule bender has been very rapid. With the continuous innovation of new automatic rule bender, the old automatic rule bender has been continuously eliminated, resulting in a more active market for second-hand automatic rule bender. Automatic rule benders are much cheaper than the price, so some users will consider buying second-hand automatic rule benders when they purchase equipment.

Have encountered several low-cost friends to buy second-hand automatic steel rule die bender, the machine did not take long time can only be put into the factory as a decoration, because the repair cost of second-hand automatic steel rule die bender is too high or the device itself is defective, so Remind friends, to buy second-hand automatic steel rule die bender must be careful, even if you must buy second-hand automatic steel rule die bender also have to carry out a variety of understanding and test machine.

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There are several disadvantages in buying second-hand blade bending machine:


First, the second-hand blade bending machine is behind the computer machete technology currently on the market.


Second, the second-hand blade bending machine has basically passed the manufacturer's warranty, no service, no protection.


Third, if the motor spindle section of the blade bending machine is faulty, the cost of replacing it with a new one is very high.

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