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What is the role of the chiller on the laser die cutter?
By Owen  2018-10-06
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What is the role of the chiller on the laser die cutter?


We can often see that each working laser die cutter is equipped with a chiller. The higher the laser die cutting machine power, the higher the chiller cooling capacity P number. The 1000W laser die cutter configuration is a 3.0P chiller, and the 1500W laser die cutting machine configuration is a 5.0P chiller.


The chiller is used to cool the laser generator on laser die cutter. A laser is a device that converts electrical energy into light energy. For example, a CO2 gas laser die cutter typically has a conversion rate of 20%, and the remaining energy is converted into heat. Cooling water removes excess heat to keep the laser generator working. At the same time, when the refracting mirror guides the laser to the desired direction, the chiller can also cool the external optical path mirror and focusing mirror to ensure stable beam transmission quality and effectively prevent the lens on laser die cutting machine from being too hot to cause deformation or bursting. 

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