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What is the difference between a laser die board cutting machine and an ordinary laser cutting machine?
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-22
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Laser cutting is the energy released when the laser beam shines on the surface of the workpiece to melt and evaporate the workpiece to achieve the purpose of cutting, which with high precision, fast cutting, not limited to the limitations of cutting design, low processing costs, etc., can be applied to the most of metal and non-metallic materials are processed.


Laser die board cutting machine is a special branch in the non-metal laser cutting. The principle is to use a laser to cut 0.45, 0.71, 1.05, 1.42 kerf of several widths on the board of 18mm-25mm, and then install the corresponding sized rule blade on it. In general, the cutting of laser die cutter requires a laser power of over 300W to cut out the desired effect.


There are several types of laser die board cutting machines on the market.


400, 600W medium-power laser die cutter can cutting plywood, organic glass, iron, stainless steel and other materials.

-Medium-power laser die board cutting machine cost and the processing cost is low.

-Medium-power laser die cutter’s cutting speed can meet the needs of most small and medium die board factory, so it is most widely used in the laser die-die industry.


1000w,1500w,2000w high-power laser die board cutting machine: higher cutting speed, accuracy, precision than medium-power laser die cutter, and with good stability.

-High-power laser die board cutting machine cost is expensive and the use cost is high.

-It’s suitable for die board factories with a certain amount of business support.

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