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What influences the cutting effect of laser die cutting machine?
By Rachel Shieh  2018-05-30
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Die board cutting accuracy is affected by lots of factors on laser die cutting machine because laser die cutting machine is a very complicated working system. Below you will find some factors that affects the laser die cutting machine working



Factor 1: laser die cutting machines power and working modes

The higher laser die cutting machine’s power is, the better cutting it can get. For different materials cutting, different modes should be set on laser die cutting machine accordingly.



Factor 2: materials’ thickness and roughness

For laser die cutting machine, it is most suitable for thin board cutting, such as under 12mm carbon steel and under 6mm stainless steel. If the board thickness is under 1mm, the kerf can be really smooth. Besides, if the material has smooth surface, the kerf can be very smooth as well.


Factor 3: laser die cutting machine cutting speed.

For laser die cutting machine, when it handles different materials, there should be different cutting speed to ensure the best cut. Too slow or too fast will both have bad effect on the laser die cutting.



Factor 4: Focal point position

Focal point should be in the right position, so that laser die cutting machine can cut the die board with higher accuracy and precision.


Factor 5: pressure and kind of the assisted gas

The higher pressure the gas has, the higher purity it gets, which means it can cut a very clean and smooth kerf. Normally oxygen makes the fastest speed, and nitrogen gets the best cut. Using different gas on laser die cutting machine will lead to different results of die board cutting.

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