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What does an Auto bending machine mean?
By Eric  2018-05-06
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Nowadays,many materials can be bent by implementing different technologies depending on the application by automatic steel rule die bender .So,what is a automatic steel rule die bender?


Steel rule blade bending machine compare with manual steel rule blade bending,automatic blade bending machine means high efficiency and high precision.

Bender machine also means Fastest&Easiest to change tools in all type of benders.Automatic rule bender’s  function includes Auto bridging,bending,cutting,front&end lipping one time in a line.


timg (1).jpg

For instance,Automatic rule bender b ending beam are designed for cold linear bending to produce parts of variousshapes, as well as pipes on mandrels; to form flanges and closed contours; and for straightening sheet material. A turningbeam and a bending beam are mounted on the machine frame. Bending is accomplished by rotating the bending beam.


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Theturning beam holds the part in place and may be positioned as required by the thickness of the article and the bendingradius. The drive of such machines may be mechanical or hydraulic. Machines of this type are used for bending sheets 0.8–5.0 mm thick.

Automatic bender has low use cost and no material waste,the cost can be greatly reduced.

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