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What’s the cutting thickness of CNC laser cutting machine ?
By Kerry Zhan  2018-04-11
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Laser die cutter is used in modern industry widely, and Laser die board cutting changed the industries, laser die board cutting machine brought forth good result on automation and high precision and accelerated the development in industry. Laser die board cutting machine need high technology.


Laser die board cutting machine thickness mainly determined by the power. As the different material density, the cutting thickness will be different.


For example 18-22mm thickness die board CO2 laser cutting machine with laser power 1500W.



How about environmentally friendly die board sawing machine,up to now, our machine can cut the wooden board thickness of 16mm,18mm, but But it's still improving.


And for different die, different materials are needed, such as wooden, MDF,Acrylic,aluminium plate,Plastic, metal and so on. More details check it on :Different Materials that Environmentally Friendly Die Board Sawing Machine Can Handle.

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