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What’s the appropriate tooling for Die Cutting ?
By Rachel  2018-05-04
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Yisong die cut custom gaskets and other specialty products using precision die cutting equipment and high-quality molds. Part tolerances are a function of many factors, including the substrate, the die cutting method, and the type of die itself. Custom die cut mold types include steel ruler dies, solid milled dies, matched metal dies, rotary dies, etched dies, and combination dies. Which type of tool is right for your application?


Steel Rule Dies

Steel ruler dies use a hardened steel strip (steel) that cuts edges or punches sheet and mesh materials into specific geometries. They are less expensive than solid milled or matched metal dies and are a good choice for die cut parts that do not require very tight tolerances. For steel ruler dies, typical tight tolerance tools are guaranteed to be ± .010" for parts smaller than 12 inches in size


Solid Milled Dies

Solid milled dies are made of sturdy heat-treated steel for consistent, reliable and repeatable die cutting. They are less bent and deformed than steel ruler dies, and can achieve final part tolerances from ±.005" to ±.010". Solid milling molds cost more than steel rulers, but provide higher accuracy.


Matched Metal Dies

Matching metal dies, also known as male/female molds, are recommended for die cut parts that require very tight tolerances. They are more expensive than steel ruler dies and solid milled dies, but final tolerances from ±0.001" to ±.005" can be achieved.


Rotary Dies

The rotary dies is cylindrical and has blades that are machined from a strong blank. They are used together with coils or coils for the production of high-volume parts and also for die cutting films and other flexible materials with a thickness of less than 0.062". Rotary dies can achieve ± .010" part tolerances. The depth of cut can be precisely controlled to facilitate cutting, and the cut is consistent because the die is machined from a single piece of tool steel.


Etched Dies

Etching dies are manufactured by chemical etching rather than metal machining. During the mold manufacturing process, the part design is acid-etched into the metal and removes unwanted materials. Etched dies are used to produce parts with intricate details. They are less expensive than machining molds but can be die cut with fewer material types and single layer materials. Flexible etched dies can also be used in a rotary die cutting process in which a magnetic die is placed around a magnetic cylinder. This process is very suitable for very thin films and materials.
Green World Environmentally friendly die

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