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Two minutes to understand the advantages of laser die board and etching die
By Eric  2018-05-06
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Today laser die board and etching die are widedly used in recent years, now we'll talk about the advantages of them in this artical.

Laser die board cutting machine performance:


Laser die board is a kind of die cutting knife mold which is used to process the blade into various shapes with special equipment and then inserted it into the gap of laser-cut wood board or PVC sheet, mainly used for printing and packaging, electronic materials, die cutting industry etc. Laser die board made by laser die cutter has the following advantages over traditional manual die board:


(1) High efficiency: After the laser die board handled by the laser die cutter, the drawing work becomes simple, and the professional software can be directly used to design on the computer without any description. The laser die board is a good solution to the traditional handwork on the drawing board. The pen is inefficient for drawing.


(2) High precision: The laser die cutter adopts CNC automatic operation in the cutting process. The slits are evenly cut and the dimensional accuracy is high, which can reach ±0.1. It further meets the requirements for die cutting of various electronic materials and brings a revolutionary effect to the die cutting of electronic materials. The change has solved the problem that the traditional hand-made sawing process through the sawing machine has a large error, which can only meet the need for die cutting in the printing and packaging, and improves the range of use of the die cutter.


 The advantages of etching die:


Etching die is used to apply the exposure of the film and the steel plate, and then after reinforcement, the excess part is etched by the corrosion machine. Finally, the edge is formed and processed by the engraving and milling machine; the etching knife mold is used. Materials imported from Japan for high carbon steel . The etching die has the following advantages:


(1) The etching die has no interface, there is no interface problem, and the cut surface of the cut product is smooth; there is no contact at the corner, and no burr is produced at the corner of the cut product.


(2) Blade flatness is good, replacement is quick, and mold adjustment is convenient, saving material and time spent on testing.


(3) The precision of the etching die is high, the tolerance can reach ± 0.03; the minimum of the double tool can be 0.5mm;


(4) The height and angle of the blade are diversified. According to the customer's request, the blade can be up to 2.5mm. According to the cutting material, the angle can be made into different angles of 30-60 degrees.
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