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The steel rule blade storage of automatic rule bender
By Eric  2018-05-22
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Special blade for automatic rule bender also have a lot of issues to keep in mind when saving. The following discusses the storage method of the special die cutter for automatic rule bender.

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The special blade storage of automatic steel rule die bender should be stored in a cool and dry place. To prevent the blade from rusting, a thin layer of oil can be brushed with a nylon brush at or near the blade edge. It is best to use a box provided by the manufacturer of the blade bending machine during storage to ensure that the blade is not in contact with any part or item inside the box. The blade can be wrapped in foam plastic. The support block in the box must be supported on the short shaft at both ends of the blade and cannot be supported on the blade.

The correct storage method makes the die cutter of the blade bending machine more durable.

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