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The power standard to be used abroad for laser die cutting machine
By Owen  2018-07-21
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Laser die cutter is widely used to make high precision steel rule die for printing & packaging industry. When installing new laser die cutting machine, factories must consider the purchased laser die cutter meet the power standard in their local area or not.


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In many countries, the electricity used is 110V, the frequency is 50-60HZ, and according to my knowledge about 30 countries use 110-130V in the world, such as China Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Panama, Cuba, Lebanon, Mexico, etc.


The domestic laser die cutter and blade bending machine are all produced according to 50HZ 220V. If a laser die cutting machine consisting of such accessories is sold abroad, there will be such problems. How to solve this problem?


Buy a transformer: 110V to 220V transformer, but you must pay attention to the power of the transformer when you buy it. For the laser die cutter, you must buy the power in 4000--5000 watts transformer. The blade bending machine should buy about 2000 watts transformer.


Except for buying a transformer, alto pay attention to buy a durable socket, in case of the socket to be burned.
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