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The laser die cutting machine appears the phenomenon of incomplete cutting through
By Owen  2018-08-16
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What if the laser die cutting machine appears the phenomenon of incomplete cutting through ?

Usually such a problem occurs in the three aspects of the laser die cutting machine's light path, water path, and gas path.


(1) Optical path elimination method; when the laser die cutter is in operation, there may be a vibration mirror offset, so that deviation occurs. Corrected the lens adjustment of laser die cutting machine.


(2) Waterway elimination method; the laser die cutter may not change water during normal use, so that the CO2 in the laser is excessively burned. In such a situation, it should be possible to check the water change for a long time during the operation. If you do not change the water for a long time, it may cause the laser die cutting machine to rapidly reduce its life.


(3) Airway elimination method; the laser die cutter uses a lot of air to blow the wood in the processing, so there will be water. Many people don't know why there is water. Because the gas from the air compressor is natural air, and the water in the air is like this. In such a case, the water in the air compressor is usually discharged, so does the water in the filter.


Another point is that during the laser die cutting machine operation, the laser mirror is not 100% discharged during the cutting process, so the mirror may be dirty, and it is necessary to wipe the alcohol clean.

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