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The experience of attaching ejection rubber on laser die
By Owen  2018-09-20
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The blade bending machine automatically bends the rule blade and then needs to fit it into the die board by laser die cutter. It needs to be covered with a ejection rubber.


Ejection rubber have various hardness and shapes. There are made in China and imported.


After die board by laser die cutting machine finished installing rule blade, in order to prevent the die-cutting knife and the die-cut steel wire from sticking to the paper during die-cutting and indentation, the paper is smoothly fed during die-cutting, and the ejection rubber is attached to both sides of the rule blade on laser die by laser die cutting machine. The role of ejection rubber in die-cutting is very important, which directly affects the speed and quality of die-cutting. Ejection rubber of different hardness, size and shape should be selected according to the position of the die-cutting cutter line and the product requirements.


When the ejection rubber is used for die-cutting, it will be compressed and deformed. If the die-cut strip is too close to the cut line on laser die by laser die cutter, the ejection rubber will produce a lateral component when it is pressed, which will easily damage the paper point or the paper line. When the die cutting, the paper edge is pulled, which affects the die-cutting effect; if the distance is too far from the cutter, the effect of preventing the cardboard sticking knife is not obtained. The ideal distance between the die-cut strip and the cut line is between 1-2 mm.

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