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The composition of the the automatic rule bender
By Eric  2018-05-20
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The automatic rule bender is an automation device, so the automatic rule bender is indispensable for pneumatic components and some electrical components. Here we go into the belly of the automatic rule bender to recognize them.


First of all, we came to know the circuit board of the automatic rule bender, which is the carrier of some electrical components such as lead wires, solenoid valves, AC contactor and relays. It is equivalent to saying that it is the bracket of the automatic rule bender, so that everyone is tied to the automatic rule bender and fixed. Two servo motors, the output of the automatic steel rule die bender power, one acting on the feed wheel and one acting on the bend. These two positions are very important for the automatic steel rule die bender. The former guarantees the accuracy of the feeding and thus guarantees the prerequisite for product qualification. The latter ensures the degree of satisfaction of the shapes and angles we need. The stepper motor of the automatic steel rule die bender, acting on scissors, powers the scissors to complete a single product. The four cylinders of the automatic steel rule die bender respectively act on the lift of the outer mold of the automatic steel rule die bender, the power of the red bridge, the auxiliary of the olecranon, and the clamp. The solenoid valve controls the four cylinders. Of course, there are also four. The upper level of the same solenoid valve is a relay. The AC contactor is used for switching protection, and the other is that controlling the switching power supply is also important for the blade bending machine. Lymphatic card is the core of the blade bending machine, its role is to control the entire motherboard, equivalent to the brain of the blade bending machine, the above is the main components of the blade bending machine.


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