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The cause and solution of laser die cutter power supply’s burning
By Owen  2018-07-30
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There are many reasons for the power failure of the laser die cutting machine, mainly as follows:

1. The laser die cutter power supply is unstable (It is best to connect a separate regulated power supply)


2. The laser die cutting machine does not have a grounding wire (the probability of burning the machine without a grounding wire is very high)


3. The water cooling cycle of laser die cutter is not good (when the water temperature is overheated, not only the life of the laser tube will be shortened, but also the laser power supply)


4. The laser tube and laser power supply of laser die cutting machine do not match.


5. Laser tube sealing of laser die cutter is not good (dust if the accumulation of too much on the laser tube will form static electricity, which may also affect the life of the laser power supply)


6. Improper operation (often when the laser die cutting machine power is turned on to 100% will also have an impact, it is recommended to control the power up to 85 or so)


Regarding the failure of the power supply, here are a few points for your reference:


1. Laser die cutter must have a good safety ground, it is very important


2. Dust is a major cause of damage to electronic components. It is recommended that you dedust the power supply of laser die cutting machine at regular intervals (about 5 months).


3. Moisture is also a major cause of laser power failure, especially in summer!!


4. Voltage instability will damage the laser power supply to varying degrees. It is recommended that the Laser die cutter must be equipped with a regulated power supply. And the power is sufficient, Jianyi chooses more than 3KW.


5. The insulation of the high-voltage line wiring is not handled properly, which will damage the power supply and often occurs at the laser tube wiring.

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