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The advantages of the die board produced by environmentally friendly die sawing machine
By Esperanza  2018-12-22
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1. Eliminate the quality drawbacks of laser processing tool templates by our die sawing machine.

2. Improve the clamping degree of the seam  by our die sawing machine.

3. Precise control and adjustment to the slit width  by our die sawing machine.

4. Improve the stability of processing accuracy  by our die sawing machine.

5. Solve the problem of the bell mouth and improve the verticality of the seam  by our die sawing machine.

6. Reduce the knife template deformation  by our die sawing machine.

7. Solve the phenomenon of laser processing optical knife tailing  by our die sawing machine.

8. Eliminate the black edge of the knife slit and the edge  by our die sawing machine.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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