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The Features of Automatic Steel Rule Bending Machine
By Rachel Shieh  2018-07-12
steel rule bending machine,

At present, with the rapid development of the electronics and printing and packaging industries, many die-cutting board processing industries have also made great progress and development. Therefore, many computerized steel rule bending machines have been widely developed and applied. Steel rule bending machines are mainly used in the production of high-precision knife templates such as electronics and optoelectronics. When using the steel rule bending machine, people can also upgrade the high, medium and low-grade steel rule bending machines according to their own needs, which is convenient for people to use. And as the market volume continues to increase, the demand for steel rule bending machine in the market is also expanding. Therefore, what are the features of automatic steel rule bending machine?


Features of the steel rule bending machine:


1: The steel rule bending machine is used for a variety of lasers and hand-made plates for color boxes, wine boxes, cigarette cases, and complex shaped die cutters.


2: The steel rule bending machine is used in the printing and packaging industry, laser die, doll, blister die, manual die-die factory.


3: Knife Adaption


(1) Thickness: 0.45-1.07mm Height: 8-35 mm


(2) Thickness: 0.45-1.42mm Height: 8-23.6 mm


4: Using a steel rule bending machine means it will first bend and then cut, so that the shear surface is flat and burr-free, greatly improving the accuracy of the die.


5: Two-way movable cutter head, which can be used to feed the cutters in two different directions of counterclockwise and clockwise.


6: Fully automatic bridge device, set the bridge width according to the die making requirements


7: External precision eagle lip cutting, can do seamless work, accurate and fast.

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