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The Difference Between Japanese Steel Rule Bender and Korean Steel Rule Bender
By Rachel Shieh  2018-06-21
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In China, there are 2 kinds of steel rule bending machine on the market, one is Japanese style steel rule bending machine, the other one is Korean style steel rule bending machine. What is the difference between them? Which steel rule bending machine is better?


From the machine structure, we can say there are 2 mainly difference.

Steel rule blade feeding way: Japanese steel rule bending machine applies servo motor to drive screw rod to feed the blade, while Korean steel rule bending machine feeds the blade by driving the blade-press wheel with motor.


Steel rule blade bending method

The bendind part of the Japanese type steel rule bending machine adopts the sleeve type structure, with two inner and outer molds, the outer mold is fixed and the inner mold is rotated to realize the bending of the steel rule blade.

The Korean type steel rule bending machine uses a flat inner die to cut the blade, and the thin bending outer die swings left and right to bend the blade.


Advantages And Disadvantages

Japanese type steel rule bending machine

Machine structure is stable and it can handle high precision bending. It can be applied to bend 0.45mm and 1.42mm steel rule blade. Japanese steel rule bending machine is most popular bending machine in Chinese market.


Korean type steel rule bending machine

Blade feeding speed and bending speed is faster, can handle small design. Disadvantages are the precision is not as good as Japanese type steel rule bending machine and normally it is suitable for 0.71mm blade bending. After 1 or 2 years using, machine might get unstable and some small problems might happen, need to adjust the mould very often.

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