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TWO systems mainly included in the servo system of the automatic rule bender
By Eric  2018-05-22
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Many masters of automatic rule bender know that the operation of the automatic rule bender mainly depends on its servo system, but it is not known that the automatic rule bender servo system actually consists of two systems. Here's to tell everyone.
The servo system of the automatic steel rule die bender mainly includes two systems: the feed axis drive system (M1) and the bending axis drive system (M2).

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The blade bending machine’s feed axis drive system is generally composed of a drive motor, generally using a two-phase hybrid stepper motor and the corresponding subdivision driver. A stepper motor is an actuator that converts electric pulses into angular displacements. The blade bending machine can use this system to more accurately position and perform cutting at a more uniform speed.

The blade bending machine’s bending axis drive system is composed of an AC servo motor. Compared with a stepping motor, the advantage of the blade bending machine bending axis drive system is that it realizes closed-loop control of position, speed and torque when the blade bending machine is running. The precision of the cutting of the blade bending machine is more accuracy and the processing performance is even better.

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