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System composition of a laser die board cutting machine
By Eric  2018-05-14
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As a brand-new processing method, laser die board cutting machine processing, with its advantages of precise processing, fast processing, simple operation, and high degree of automation, makes the laser die board cutting machine gradually obtain in the die board manufacturing, mechanical processing, metal cutting and welding, leather and textile and garment industries. Widely range of applications. Compared with the traditional cutting machine, the laser die board cutting machine is not only low in price but also low in consumption. And because the laser die board cutting machine has no mechanical pressure on the die board, so the effect of cutting out the product, the accuracy and cutting speed are very good, and the laser die cutter also has the characteristics of safe operation, simple maintenance, can work for 24 hours. Laser die cutter can cut any complex shape, high efficiency, low cost, combined with computer design graphics, can cut any shape pattern.


The laser die cutting machine device includes three major systems: a laser generator system, a numerically controlled machine tool system, and a cooling system. There are laser oscillators, mirrors, focusing mirrors, numerical controllers, drivers, and processing stages that are disassembled. The mirrors are located on the beam path emitted by the laser oscillator. The focusing mirrors are set on the reflectors. The laser beam path is arranged on the processing stage, the stage is connected with the driver and the numerical control device, and controlled by the numerical control device to move the position of the stage by the driver.

Green World Environmentally friendly die

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