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Something about double head laser die board cutting machine
By Owen  2018-06-14
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Double head laser die board cutting machine integrates with high speed, high precision, high power, low consumables and other functions as below:


Double head laser die board cutting machine uses upper and lower double-head cutting methods, cutting up and down at the same time, greatly improving the speed, and because the cutting thickness of a single laser tube (compared to a single laser tube cutting) becomes smaller, the kerf is more uniform. Stable speed of 30 to 35 meters per hour.


Double head laser die cutter has extremely low consumption: 220V external power supply, ready to use at any time, no bidding time when starts machine. The highest utilization rate for wood, with less than 3CM loss per side.


Double head laser die board cutting machine is easy to operate: Clear and simple knife cutting adjustment technology, cutting software compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, operating editing path handy. Import graphics directly from CAD and Coreldraw into the machine.


Double head laser die cutter has high stability: Adopt fixed light path structure, adopt imported original guide rail, X, Y bidirectional import precision ball screw drive to ensure transmission precision and stability. The device uses a fixed optical path, both the board moves, the laser head does not move, to avoid the optical path offset caused by the previous laser head movement


Double head laser die board cutting machine has high precision: The device uses screw drive, the precision can reach ± 0.1MM


Double head laser die cutter adopts closed thermostatic industrial laser cooling system to provide stable and accurate water temperature control for the optical path, which greatly prolongs the service life of the laser tube.


Application of Double head laser die board cutting machine: Adaptable to a wide range: Can be disposable cutting, 15MM, 18MM, 20MM, 23MM wood knife mold, plastic sheet knife mold, plexiglass, wood, wood, acrylic plates and other non-metallic plates. When cutting 18MM board,  it can cut 30-35 meters per hour.

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