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Some tips of using laser die cutting machine tube
By Owen  2018-07-03
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Many users who have laser die cutters are not familiar with the performance characteristics of laser tubes. They are not well protected and cause many unnecessary damages. Now we have some experience for your reference:


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1, The mounting fulcrum and the direction of rotation: the slender laser tube on laser die cutter is very sensitive to the position of the bracket. If not asymmetric in position, too close to each other or too far, it will have a significant impact on the power mode. It is easy to have a power difference of about 10 watts. The internal suspension structure is best only in the direction of a certain angle, so the installation for laser die cutting machine should be fixed according to the direction of the marking and the position of the bracket as much as possible.


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2, Water circulation: 10 degrees of water and 30 degrees of water, the power difference is about 10%, the water cooling power is high, so the cooling effect is good, the laser die cutter power is also good, pay attention to the water not to be dirty, otherwise the pipe loop is more narrow and thin, easy to be blocked, it will burn out the pipe. The water must be pushed in and out. The internal air will not accumulate and affect the heat dissipation and power life of laser die cutting machine.


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3, The light-emitting lens: many users only pay attention to cleaning the three mirrors and focusing mirror, but often ignore the laser tube light-emitting lens. Because laser die cutting machine works with more gray smoke, the window lens will hang gray, this layer of ash absorbs the laser first, and a large amount of heat is taken away by water cooling. Generally, laser die cutter loses 10% to 40% of the power, and the coating of the antireflective coating is ablated due to the high heat of ash which can not be wiped off, forming a permanent plaque to block a lot of light, so that laser die cutter can not cut normally. This is the most important maintenance point, but it is ignored by many users.
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