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Solution for the unevenness of die board kerf cut by laser die cutter
By Owen  2018-09-03
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There are several possibilities for the unevenness of the die board kerf handled by laser die cutting machine:

1. The light is not unparallel with guide rails of laser die cutter;

2. Vertical light is not vertical with material surface on laser die cutting machine;

3. The work surface of laser die cutter is not parallel to the XY plane;

4. Material deformation;

5. laser light is unstable on laser die cutting machine (may be the hardware problem of laser tube or laser power);

6. the cutting parameters on laser die cutter do not match;

laser die.JPG

The solution is as follows:

1. carefully repeat the XY optical path detection, to determine that the light is parallel to the XY rail of laser die cutting machine;

2. The kerf is perpendicular to the vertical ruler, and the factor is also excluded;

3. using small pieces of material for cutting, the results also appear uneven seam failure;

4. the power supply voltage measurement, the voltage is normal, the laser is replaced and other faults still exist;

5. Simultaneously with the above five points.

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