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Small Tips for gas delivery for laser die cutting machine
By Rachel Shieh  2018-04-23
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Laser die cutting machine, like all laser cutting devices, needs special gas to help laser die cutting.

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Gas can be delivered to laser die cutting machine by cylinders, dewars, microbulk, and bulk tanks.


On laser die cutting machine, vaporizer is to produce gas volume,not to increase gas pressure. If

you have enough volume, you need to keep the pressure you set. Then you need to apply a high-pressure tank or other device to keep the liquid in a controlled condition.


Such systems also help maintain flow on laser die cutting machine even when the tanks are being filled. Traditionally some operations have used separate tanks, so that one tank is always online to feed a laser. Some shops instead are now using systems that isolate the bulk tank to ensure constant pressure is being delivered to laser die cutting machine.


A low-pressure bulk tank deliver to a system that has a 2-cylinder, 4-stroke engine that can build pressure up to 550 PSI. When the driver comes in with the nitrogen delivery, he can deliver into that bulk tank and not disrupt the supply to the application. It can still pull low-pressure liquid off the bulk tank while you’re filling it.


Cutting on laser die cutting machine with nitrogen requires plenty of gas flow, so the plumbing lines to the laser die cutting machine needs big enough diameter to avoid pressure goes down or to avoid a pressure limits.


If possible, the plumbing should have sweeping curves, rather than lots of 90-degree elbows. The gas flow on laser die cutting machine should be sufficient to serve all the laser die cutting machines which are connected to the gas line. And it should be very easy to handle the flow rate.

You also need to pay attention to pipe brazing. Make sure gas can find their ways to laser die cutting machine.


Test all the ports and fittings on laser die cutting machine and the lines. If you are are using a smaller diameter line, you need to make sure that this line can be large enough to serve the nitrogen flow which is necessary for the laser die cutting machine cutting application.


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