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Several major factors that result in blade bending machine's failure
By Owen  2018-09-06
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The blade bending machine is a numerical control device, and the failure occurs like a human gets a cold, which is inevitable. But we can minimize the occurrence of failures.


First, keep the steel rule blade bender clean. Any device, even if it is a BMW Mercedes-Benz, is easy to get broken if not protected well.


Clean the worktable surface of blade bending machine every day, especially the machete machine track and the bridge waste. A good working environment on steel rule blade bender for blending work is guaranteed.


Check the screws loosely on a regular basis. When the blade bending machine is in use, it will vibrate. It is inevitable that some mechanisms or screws will loosen, especially the outer mold cylinder screws. Eagle mouth cylinder screw. It is recommended to check once a week.


Lubricate regularly on transmissions and moving mechanisms of steel rule blade bender. Scissors up and down the screw regularly on the lead screw lubricant. The eagle mouth movement mechanism in the bending machine chassis. These places are all in need of lubrication.


There are also some conditions such as the life of the sensor, to learn to observe. The good layout of the blade bending machine ground wire, the working environment moisture and moisture are very important.

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