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Rotary die cutting tool by laser die cutter
By Owen  2018-06-19
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Since die cutting is a versatile manufacturing process, it is used in many manufacturing processes to cut, shape and shape plates and roll metal. The rotary die cutting function is suitable for large-volume projects, producing less waste and faster turnaround times.


The rotary laser die cutter consists of a heavy-duty cylindrical anvil with a custom mold that acts on a flat concave surface containing female mold features. The laser die cutter feeds metal sheets, paper or plastic through a spindle roll or a single flat sheet, and then passes through a rolling die. This cuts or punches the desired shape from the material and places the finished shape in a line while discarding the waste in the trap.


Because the control of the anvil is very precise, the manufacturer can control the type and depth of cutting from the die. The rotary die cutting tool by laser die cutter performance is very good without the cutting material contacting the manufacturing pad, called "kiss cut". It can perform high volume production with little waste.


Although the effect of rotary die cutting by laser die cutter is good, it is equally suitable for cutting paper and plastic. When the customer needs a punch ticket, a commercial envelope or a small cardboard box, the rotary laser die cutter can perform operations. In order not to damage or wear the steel mold, only the soft semi-rigid material can be fed into the rotary laser die cutter.


In general, rotary die cutting by laser die cutter applies to:


High yield consistent cutting project;

Produce less waste than other comparable methods;

Low tolerance precision cutting;

CNC application;

Fast turnaround time;


Naturally, rotary die cutting by laser die cutter is not suitable for all manufacturing projects and there are some issues to keep in mind when deciding on the manufacturing method. For example, due to the high speed of rotary die cutting, products and waste can be set up fairly quickly. Material handling equipment needs to be properly synchronized with the die cutting process to keep up with production to prevent stalls and accidents. 

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