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Price estimate of laser die by laser die cutter
By Owen  2018-08-09
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Price estimate of laser die by laser die cutter may be as below:

Laser die price = material fee + design fee + processing fee and profit + value added tax + test fee + packaging transportation fee


After the laser die by laser die cutting machine is evaluated, it cannot be directly quoted. Generally speaking, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis based on market conditions, customer psychology, competitors, status, etc., to properly sort out the valuation, and increase the first quotation by adding 10-30% on the basis of the valuation. After bargaining, the offer can be lowered according to the actual situation. However, when the laser die by laser die cutter are negotiated at a price lower than 10% of the estimate, it is necessary to re-evaluate the laser stencil, and in the case of ensuring the favorable cost, sign the contract and finally determine the price of the laser die by laser die cutter.


At this time, the price of laser die by laser die cutting machine can be higher than that of valuation or less than valuation. When the price of the laser die by laser die cutter negotiated is lower than the cost, it is necessary to revise the requirements, conditions and plans of the laser die to reduce some requirements, in order to reduce the cost of laser die by laser die cutting machine. After reestimating, the laser die contract will be signed again. It should be pointed out that the laser die by laser die cutter is a special product with high scientific and technological content, and should not be used at low prices, or even at a loss to cater to customers. The quality, the precision and the life of the laser die should be put in the first place, and the price of the laser die by laser die cutting machine should not be overemphasized. Otherwise, it will cause misleading action idle. It is difficult to ensure the quality, accuracy and life when pursuing cheap laser cutting die.

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